Wednesday, November 12, 2008

80 and Rainy

Sometimes I feel like '80 and rainy' sums up my life. Mid-November and it's 80 degrees outside. So what could I possibly complain about? Well, it's also overcast and drizzly! I just overheard someone complaining mildly about it and it made me laugh, until I thought of how much that comment applies to my life.

There is definitely some drizzle in my life. Daily commute, a sick child, work stress, arguments over laundry. There are even some full out thunderstorms. My missing brother, relatively recent loss of my husband's mom.

But it's also 80. What I mean is that I still have a lot in life to find joy in. A job to commute to, a wonderful son to take care of, a house to do laundry in, family that I love.

Sometimes we get focused on the rainy and forget about the 80.

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