Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 1

So I'm officially a blogger. I've always enjoyed writing, and have a secret dream (maybe not so secret now) of becoming an author. I guess this is my first step- even if no one reads my blog, here I am, out there writing.

It's a lot of pressure deciding what to write for my first ever post, so maybe I'll just start with a brief bio.

Anita (Davis) Sullivan
Wife, Mom, Daughter, Friend
Career Gal
Co-Founder of Finder's Hope, Inc.
Sister of Missing Person Michael "Austin" Davis
God Lover
UF Alum, Gator Fan
A bit crazy, hopefully mostly in a fun way

I think that anything my blog turns into will somehow be related to one of those things so that's probably enough for now.

I'm looking forward to opening up here and seeing where this takes me, especially since some people might say I need an outlet to express myself.

For now,