Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend Warrior!

We have been on the go non-stop for.... well, forever it seems like.  We rush around trying to do so many things and fit in all the fun that we don't get to have during the week.  I love all that we do, but it's exhausting!  This weekend's schedule:

2:30  I leave work to get home early to drop off milk and nurse Ben for my first non-baby night out.
5pm   Leave for dinner and Mama Mia!
6pm  Hand express milk in the restroom of the Mexican place
7:30pm Arrive at Theatre and express more milk in the restroom since manual isn't very effective!
8pm   Show starts and is great!  Take a break half way through to express once again.
11:30  Arrive home, nurse Ben (much to my relief)
All night   Up and Down with Ben

8am  Everyone Up, nurse Ben
9am  Pump milk 
9:30am Try to clean the house (not very successful)
10:30  Get everyone ready, nurse Ben again
11:00 Leave for the Tball game
12pm Tball game, nurse Ben
2pm  Game ends, get subs at Publix and head the the SEC Gymnastics Championships.  Nurse Ben.
4pm  Meet starts (Go Gators!).  Listen to Drew whine.  Nurse Ben.
7:30pm  Watch Gators crowned, jump in car and race home.
8pm  Friends arrive for Game Night (so much fun!!).  Nurse Ben.
All night   Up and Down with Ben

7:30am Everyone Up, nurse Ben
8am  Forget to pump, uncomfortable all day as a result
9am  Arrive at church, run around preparing for show and finding people for next week.
9:30am  KidStuf Show
10:30am Worship Service, but leave to nurse Ben.
11:45am Head to Lunch with a great group of friends (Yum!)
2pm Stop at JoAnn on way home for frame and paper for gift.
2:30pm Fight with printer, finally get gift made and leave
3pm  Pick up friend and head to baby celebration.  Nurse Ben.
3:30pm Arrive late to celebration, enjoy friends
5:30pm Leave to get to church for special service
6pm Arrive at Baptism/Lord's Supper/Dinner/Dessert Auction
6:15pm Leave for lobby because pounding head and loud music don't mix.
6:45pm  Re-enter for Lord's Supper (a wonderful time of quiet and reflection in the midst of the craziness!)
7pm  Dinner (YUM!)  Nurse Ben.
7:30pm Dessert Auction begins, head pounding gets worse.
8:30pm  Pounding head wins, take boys home.  Go to bed.
All night   Up and Down with Ben

If you actually read all that you'll see why I'm exhausted.... and why the workday seems like a bit of a break!  I'm realizing that I truly need to slow down a bit.  I'm not yet sure what to do for that to actually happen, especially since I love all that I do.  But for my health and sanity, I think it's a must.

Love to all,

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